Rosenberg Animal Control and Shelter may partner with its across the street neighbor, the Fort Bend County Animal Services.

At the Rosenberg City Council workshop meeting Tuesday, council members agreed to look into assistance for veterinarian services from the county’s shelter.

This item was placed on the agenda by council member Isaac Davila.

Currently, Rosenberg Animal Control does not employ a staff veterinarian and outsources spay and neuter surgeries to six private clinic partners that provide shelter and rescue discounts.

Rosenberg Animal Control has the ability to opt for both standing appointments and custom appointments depending on need.

Sterilization surgery fees currently range from $50-80 depending on the animal’s sex, weight and health complication status.

Fort Bend County Animal Services sterilization surgery fees would range from $25-$40.

“This is only a discount, nothing else,” Mayor Bill Benton assured council. “No other consolidating together or them absorbing us or us absorbing them. This is strictly a money-saving suggestion.

“We don’t want to step on any toes, but we do everything on behalf of the citizens. That’s our main concern. Money saved is money we can provide some other service to the citizens.”

Davila agreed that this would be a cost-saving benefit to the citizens.

The county’s veterinarian service access would depend on the county’s staff availability on Mondays. Services would also be restricted to five feline sterilization surgeries each appointment.

This would be in conjunction with the Trap Neuter Return program currently being implemented by the city of Rosenberg.

“I’m very happy to accept whatever help is extended to our shelter that people want to give,” Animal Control Director Mara Hartsell said.

Council members Steven DeGregorio and Tim Anders said they would feel more comfortable moving forward with this after seeing a formal agreement in front of them.

“We can’t just take cats across the street and let them be cut on,” Anders said. “Once we look at an agreement, we’ll proceed. Saving the tax payers money is always a good idea.”

This item will be brought back to council with a formal agreement at a later date.

The next regular Rosenberg City Council meeting will be held Nov. 10.

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