The Trap Neuter Return program has garnered universal approval from Ruby Street residents and Rosenberg City Council members.

At Tuesday night’s regular Rosenberg City Council meeting, Animal Control Director Mara Hartsell reviewed the code of ordinances as it relates to the TNR program.

The six month-pilot program has nearly completed and Hartsell said the shelter has successfully trapped, neutered and released 26 of the 30 cats residing on Ruby Street.

“One hundred percent of respondents (to the Ruby Street survey) agreed that Rosenberg would be in a fortunate position to (expand TNR) city-wide,” Hartsell told council.

“So far, in my opinion, and according to the data, the pilot program has been successful. The ordinance would change the law city-wide.”

At a July Rosenberg City Council meeting, Raines said this program conflicts with city ordinance because once the shelter captures and vaccinates the feline, the cat becomes city property. Therefore, it should remain in city care. But by dumping the cat where it was found, it would go against city ordinance.

Hartsell explained that a proposed ordinance drafted by Nathan Winograd, former criminal prosecutor and corporate attorney, would clear up any muddy water stopping the shelter from performing the TNR program.

Raines said he was content with the ordinance before council. The rest of council concurred.

“The purpose is to ultimately shrink the colony,” Hartsell continued.

“When we counted the neighborhood, there were approximately 30 cats. Over time that quality size is going to be shrinking. What we can see is theres a decrease in nuisance complaints, there are fewer kittens being born. We have a general satisfaction with the department and city services.

“This has been a problem for decades. People are sleeping better at night because cats are not meowing and fighting and causing other issues with cats. The community feels more supported. They feel like their needs are being met. We would love to continue providing services in that area.”

According to Police Chief Jonathan White, this ordinance will be brought back to council for formal approval.

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