The new school year is right around the corner and it’s important to remember that child support goes a long way in helping a student get off on the right foot.

Children depend on their parents for basic needs like food, shelter, health care and back-to-school clothing.

These things are of the utmost importance, especially to kids who are getting child support.

According to the state attorney general’s office, research shows the children of parents who pay their child support have fewer behavior problems, make better grades and stay in school longer than children who do not receive regular support.

Aside from improving a child’s educational life, a parent who pays child support is much more likely to take an active role in their kids’ lives.

The attorney general’s office attests that children with two involved and caring parents are more self-confident, more likely to exercise self-control and less likely to engage in risky behaviors that can lead to drug use and early pregnancy.

Getting a parent to pay child support may be a daunting task for some parents and the attorney general’s office wants to help make it easier.

Parents can call the Child Support Division of the Texas Attorney General’s Office at 800-252-8014.

The division can help:

  • Establish paternity.
  • Locate a non custodial parent.
  • Establish and enforce child support and medical support orders.
  • Review and adjust child support payments.
  • Collect and distribute child support payments.

The division tries to solve all child support related issues. In the fiscal year that ended in August 2013, the division collected more than $3.6 billion in back child support.

This upcoming school year, if you have child support payments to make, know that your child will need every cent. By making them timely, you might just avoid a call from the district attorney’s office.

If you are behind on child support payments, it’s well past time to start.

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