Is it just me or did literally every single person I’ve ever met get engaged last week?

And I’ve got to say... I’m not here for it.

I mean, congratulations are definitely in order and I’m soooooo happy for everyone.

But I’m also a little sad for me.

Or maybe I’m just a little lonely. Is that so hard to believe?

With the holidays upon us, it makes sense that people are prioritizing what’s important to them.

Girlfriends turn to fiancées and wives plan pregnancies.

Last weekend, five people I know got engaged and two of my friends revealed they were having babies.

It’s really beautiful to see everyone so happy and in love.

I just feel like I’m being left behind.

I looked in the mirror on Dec. 1 and didn’t recognize myself.

I was green with envy. Or was that the anti-holiday Grinch-green I was sporting?

Either way, I was repelling the Christmas spirit and the love in the air and I wanted to just stop feeling feelings.

So, I called my friend Peter to complain — I mean for solace.

Besides me, Peter is my last single friend.

He gets it. He knows how hard it is to be alone, especially this time of year.

These last couple of weeks haven’t been easy for him either.

In fact, this last year hasn’t been a walk in the park for Pete.

You see, Peter decided to get sober in January.

And according to Peter, it has severely affected his dating life.

Without that liquid courage, without that extra umph, it can be hard to come up with first date ideas.

We’ve had the same conversation over and over again for the last 11 months.

Millennials are using alcohol as a crutch for dating and dating is hard without drinking.

But then something changed for Peter a couple of weeks ago.

He said that just because he’s not drinking doesn’t mean that he can’t still go to bars.

So, he went on dates at bars, but drank his club soda with lime.

And after a few failed first dates (due to the people, not the libations), Peter realized that dating just isn’t in his cards this year.

“Yeah, I’m lonely and sometimes I wish I had a girlfriend to turn to in times of need, but I’m not alone,” he told me.

“I have you and my brother and my parents and my other friends. I’ll be OK. I don’t need a girlfriend to show me I’m whole. And you don’t either.”

It was like I had been given a pill the size of a golf ball.

That was hard to swallow.

Sure, all my friends are dating or engaged or married or pregnant or living happily ever after.

But I’m doing good on my own, too.

I’m lucky enough to have my friends to turn to when I’m sad and happy and excited and angry and everything in between.

I have a fun job and a great support system and I’m OK with what I have in my life right now.

I’ll get a boyfriend when the time is right.

But for right now, I think I’m meant to be on my own.

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